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Stay Focused, Stop Distraction

Lack of focus is one of the greatest enemies of productivity.

The world is full of distractions and we struggle to stay focused.
But there is a technique im going to share with you, which will help you to maintain your concentration.

Everytime you get distracted ask yourself two questions:

First question is-
1. What is my Priority?

This question help you to understand your priority instantly and will bring you back to your priority work. This will create an urge and determination to finish the work.

Second question is-
2. Is this (distractive work) giving me any value?

When you are distracted with other work, can be your thoughts, social media, environment or people whatever the element is, When you answer this question “no” that determines you are wasting time. And as soon as you realize whats giving you value and whats not , you set your mind ready for the valuable work to finish.

Ask these questions to yourself everytime whenever you get distracted
1. What is my priority?
2. Is this giving me any value?

Practice and good luck with your success.

Raoman Smita

Environment Activist, Global Leader, Life Coach, Author and Advocate in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh