Peace be upon you, I’m Raoman! I have a Green Heart!!!


I was born in the enchanting land of “Bangladesh,” yet my endeavors span across the globe. With a heart full of motherly love and profound empathy for both people and nature, I inherently find joy in helping others.

It makes me sad witnessing children deprived of their rights and women enduring suffering in this modern era. Young people struggle with addiction and depression. Our environment has suffered grave degradation, resulting in a scarcity of fresh water and nutritious food. We are wasting the valuable but free resources given to us by the Almighty. Some people are greedy and they are causing harm to the Mother Earth and endangering lives.

As a guardian of the Earth, I want to protect our planet and set a good example for others. My mission is to encourage everyone to do their part of responsibilities and establish humanity.

What you should know about me

Living with a purpose is important to me. We die but our actions remain alive. I am leaving my footprints on Earth through my activities for future generations, ensuring that they never lose hope

World Record Holder

I have achieved world record in 2020 at the most challenging time of Corona Pandemic for organizing largest virtual youth leadership summit where 5000 participants joined from 100+ countries.

Public Speaker

I am a passionate and dynamic public speaker with a mission to inspire and motivate audiences. I conduct inspirational keynote speeches and workshops on a range of topics with years of experience and expertise in various fields including leadership, personal growth, peace, rights, SDGs and climate change. I Engage and connect with diverse audiences, delivering content that resonates and drives positive change. I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential through the power of effective communication and personal growth.

I love writing

I'm an established author who has published books on life skills and emotional growth for children. Additionally, I have collaborated with other international authors. I offer my assistance to non-writers in expressing their ideas and thoughts, creating exclusive autobiographies, stories, concepts, blogs, and providing content writing services as needed.

Life Coach

From 2029, as a dedicated life coach committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential and lead happy lives. I Provide one-on-one holistic approach coaching and mentoring services to individuals seeking personal and professional development. Whether it's navigating life transitions, enhancing personal development, or achieving work-life balance, I am here to partner with you on your journey to success and well-being."


I am 14 years of experienced lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to my clients. With a strong background in Legal Documentation, corporate and company law, taxation, family law and environmental law. I am committed to upholding justice and protecting the rights and interests of my clients.

Environment Activist

I am a passionate environmental activist on a mission to protect our planet and promote sustainable practices. With a deep love for nature and a commitment to raising awareness, I have been actively involved in environmental initiatives for many years. My work spans from organizing local conservation efforts to advocating for policy change on a global scale. I believe that each one of us has a responsibility to safeguard the Earth for future generations, and I am dedicated to inspiring positive action and fostering a greener, more sustainable world.​

Global Leadership

I have established a Global multi-professionals and students platform "Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS)" , which has chapters in more than 106 countries. We are working for youth development and empowerment, peace, restoration of environment, financial freedom and charitable activities. Local and global organizations and companies have opportunities to connect with us and organizes programs and projects together. Our motto is "Together Build Better World"

Auto Biography


Raoman Smita is a Social Worker, Peace-Justice-Environment Activist, Lawyer, Educator, Life Coach, Author and Global Leader.

She is the Founder President of “Global Law Thinkers Society” to unite global leaders, lawmen and laymen under one platform. This organization is working on SDG, Peace, Environment, Economical Liberty, human Development and Empowerment, Leadership, Community Building, Wellbeing and charity. This Network is identifying common world issues, solutions, goals, impact and actions accordingly. She is also promoting and inspiring youth organizations and young leaders to come forward and build a compassionate world.

She is the CEO of Law Firm, Legal Education and Research Institute “Law Thinkers”. It is also the first ever private free online legal advice portal to provide legal support around the world. She is working as legal advisor with national and international companies, institutes and organizations.

She started her life coaching journey to help children and young to develop balanced life and established “Inside Out Life Coaching Academy”.

She is also an author published children and self-development books. Her self development book “Theory of Happiness-Inside Out Life Coaching” is well renowned regionally and introduced life balance.

Her motto is to make the world a better place. She dreams for a livable, green and peaceful world where people will live balanced life and get ultimate happiness.


  • Global Leadership Award 2019”, Nepal, Global Youth Parliament
  • ASEAN Youth Icon 2019, Philippines
  • Youth Leadership Award, 2019, Bangladesh
  • Corona warrior Award 2020 by Friendship with the World NGO, India
  • World Record under World Book of Record UK, 2020
  • Peace Award 2022, Malaysia
  • Speaker Award 2023, Dubai

and many more social recognition worldwide.

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