Irresistible Allure : Chapter 6 His Lips

Under the soft glow of the café’s lights, Ethan made his entrance, a warm coffee cup cradled in his hand.

Nini’s heart quickened, her eyes meeting his. She couldn’t afford to let her imagination run wild, not now. Her emotions were a tempest, and she feared what might happen if she let them loose. She’d been captivated by Ethan, but was it a fleeting infatuation? She didn’t want to squander her affections on someone who couldn’t appreciate their depth.

Ethan had chosen this spot as he knew her choice. “Nice place,” Nini offered with a gracious smile.

Ethan settled in, his legs crossing gracefully. Nini’s gaze, despite her best efforts, drifted to his strong thighs and calves. With every ounce of her strength, she suppressed the feminine desires that surged within her, a tornado contained.

Unable to resist the magnetic pull, Nini rose from her seat, momentarily oblivious to the world around her and dared to settle onto Ethan’s lap. The sensation of her bottom brushing against his thighs sent shivers down his spine. Her fingers sought solace in the tendrils of his hair, inadvertently causing him a pleasant ache.

Before Ethan could react, Nini’s lips sought his, a fiery, unexpected kiss that locked them in a passionate embrace. His hand traced the contours of her back, making its way to her waist, securing her firmly on his lap. The undeniable proof of his arousal pressed against her, igniting a fire within her core. Her vulva collided with his growing manhood over their dresses. Her panties began to betray her with their telltale wetness.

In that stolen moment, they existed in a world of their own, their kiss a tempestuous whirlwind. Ethan’s upper lip became ensnared within Nini’s, a delicious torment. She savored the taste of his lips, their tongues dancing in a mesmerizing exchange of saliva. Their kisses grew fervent, with saliva painting an ardent masterpiece on their faces, tracing a path from jawline to chin, and then down to the curve of their necks.

Ethan began to perspire, and Nini couldn’t resist licking a bead of sweat as it trickled from his forehead to his sideburn.

Breaking the silence, Nini inquired, “What would you like to order? I’m thinking of getting a juice. Would you like something to eat?” Nini regarded him with calm, steady eyes, framed by his stylish spectacles.

Ethan, still lost in the electric fantasy they’d just shared, gazed deeply into her eyes. His breath was unsteady, came in heavy, ragged bursts.

“Nini,” Ethan inquired, “Are you always this serene, this soft-spoken?”

Her lips curled into a knowing smile. “Not always,” she whispered, “I possess a wild side that goes beyond your wildest imagination.”

Their conversation drifted into lighter topics, lingering in the hush of the moment. As they parted, Ethan’s hug held a touch of longing, a desire to savor her scent, but Nini’s embrace remained casual. She yearned to commit Ethan’s fragrance to memory but resisted, taming the tempest within her.

He left. And then, with a phone call, Nini shifted gears to her client’s appointment.


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