Irresistible Allure : Chapter 4 No Escape

Nini harbored an adamant resolve never to cross paths with Ethan. The thought of their encounter only promised the unbearable anguish that she felt unprepared to confront at this juncture in her life. For so long, she had known contentment in her solitude, believing that she had finally found a spiritual connection with him, but the reality revealed disparities that left her disenchanted. Moreover, Shrawan had imparted unsettling information about his intentions. Nini sought more than mere physical intimacy; she yearned for a profound relationship rooted in values, one that could nurture their mutual growth and provide intellectual nourishment. Superficial physical attachments held no allure for her, for she knew that humans were not emotionless machines, prone to engage and then forsake their liaisons. Such simplicity did not befit Nini’s world.

Despite her steadfast resistance, Ethan occupied her every waking thought. Hours upon hours, Nini found herself lost in his photographs and captivated by his lectures and shows. She could discern every nuance of his facial expressions and movements, leaving her convinced that she was ensnared by an irresistible force. The prospect of an actual encounter with him was akin to igniting a fire she feared would consume her, and she was determined not to get burned.

As messages flooded her screen, Nini impulsively cast her phone aside, asserting firmly to herself that there was no one named Ethan on this Earth. She screamed, “No! I will not meet him!”

Despite her inner turmoil, Nini prepared herself and attended the seminar, a grand, well-lit hall filled with elegant guests. Her mere presence exuded a magnetic aura, captivating all in the room, although Nini was oblivious to the attention. She wore a light pink, floor-length gown that enhanced her innate grace and allure, even with minimal makeup. She had grown accustomed to such responses.

The event’s organizer, Mr. Mathur, introduced her to other distinguished guests and couldn’t help but whisper in her ear, “You look stunning, Nini, and you’ve taken everyone’s breath away, men and women alike.” But Nini’s mind remained preoccupied with Ethan, making her mentally absent in the moment. The city’s esteemed Sheikh approached her and extended an invitation to his table, a suggestion seconded by Mr. Mathur, who emphasized the significance of the connection. Nini, momentarily shaken back to reality, smiled graciously at the Sheikh and accepted the offer.

As more guests gathered, the program was poised to commence. And then, to her astonishment, Ethan sat right beside Nini. She found herself utterly speechless, her mind racing. “Nini, I think you need a glass of water,” Ethan softly suggested. He took her hand, helped her to her feet, and guided her to a nearby water fountain. The sound of water cascading into the glass evoked sensations within her, making her yearn for Ethan’s touch in the most intimate of ways.

In a heartbeat, Ethan led her into a private restroom. Without hesitation, he began to kiss her neck and shoulders, expertly unzipping the back of her dress. Her bosom emerged, and Ethan’s caresses explored her contours, his fingers slipping beneath her panties. Desire coursed through her, leaving her moist with anticipation. As he plunged his middle finger into her depths, Ethan tantalizingly nibbled at her firm nipples. Nini reciprocated, deftly unzipping Ethan’s jeans and drawing them down. With a firm grip, she guided his eager, masculine form into her, her lips momentarily silenced by his fiery kiss. Their mingled sweat, their skin-on-skin embrace, and their shared breaths combined to create an intense atmosphere in that small washroom.

Then, just as they reached the height of their desire, a voice resounded through the hall. “Calling upon Ms. Nini Maria to the stage for her invaluable speech,” the MC announced. As Nini’s name echoed through the room, Mr. Mathur rushed to her side, sensing her dazed state. He took her hand and helped her regain her senses.

Applause resounded throughout the room after Nini’s eloquent speech on psychology, a discipline she had innovatively transformed, teaching people not to control but to manage their emotions in the quest for personal transformation. A new book of hers was set to be released in the coming months.

Nini left the program abruptly, avoiding all contact. She retreated to her hotel, yearning for a cold shower to wash away the lingering sensations Ethan had ignited. His memory was now etched into every fiber of her being, a venomous, irresistible love coursing through her veins. Only Ethan could provide solace to her tumultuous heart. She cried out in despair, “I need you, Ethan. What am I to do?”

Her trembling fingers reached for her phone, and with a racing heart, she opened Ethan’s messages. “Let’s meet,” Nini replied.


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