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Raoman Smita Autobiography

Raoman Smita is an Environment and Human Rights Activist, Lawyer in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Author, and World Record Holder.

To serve humanity in a greater way, she formed an International Organization in 2010, the “Global Law Thinkers Society [GLTS]”. This is giving a multi-professional networking and youth leadership platform. This NGO has chapters in more than 100 countries and works for human development and empowerment, environment restoration, peace, economic freedom, and charity.

To give legal support she established Law Firm “Law Thinkers”. This is the first private law firm in Bangladesh to provide one-stop legal support online worldwide. She is the one set milestone in Bangladesh to provide free legal advice online globally.

To provide life mentorship and improve many areas of life, She established “Inside Out Life Coaching Academy” to give life coaching services. She has got life coaching training from prominent international life coaches and also build her own coaching model. She has also written a book on life coaching and self-development “Theory of Happiness” which was published and well renowned in Bangladesh. Besides, she wrote a few other books for the mental growth of children.

She also represents the “World Book of Records UK” as the President of Bangladesh Part. For her honesty, integrity, and leadership activities, the company bestowed responsibility upon her to recognize other leaders and carry on their legacy.

She sets leadership examples for others and in recognition, she has received many international awards- “Global Leadership Award 2019”-Nepal, “ASEAN Youth Icon 2019-Philippines”, Corona Warrior Award 2020, India, Peace Leadership Award-2022 in Malaysia, International School Award 2023 as Speaker in Dubai and many more for her social contribution.

Her motto is to make the world a better place. She dreams of a livable, green, and peaceful world where people will live a better life and understand ultimate happiness.



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Raoman Smita

Environment Activist, Global Leader, Life Coach, Author and Advocate in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh