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How to Prevent Your Emotional Insecurity

Prevent Your Emotional Insecurity:

Insecurity makes us weak. You feel stuck and fear to go forward. You don’t et strength to take decision or proper steps and stay down. Im sharing following three steps, practicing these you can remove the burden of insecurity and enjoy the freedom of life.

  • Change Your Mindset:

Imagination Vs. Reality: Insecurity comes from our thoughts. We sometimes forget to distinguish between imagination and reality and start to get panicked or anxious. Take a step back and look at your imagination and reality. When you feel insecure or anxious find out what is reality and make sure it is not just made-up-reality.

For exaple your husband is coming back home late night. And he is avoiding talking to you and not noticing you much. Your thoughts may start negative vibe of insecurity that he may not interested in you and may involved with any other woman. You may start to imagine about the hours he is out with other woman and having fun! You start to feel insecure of loosing him. But reality can be he is getting hard time at work. He is stressed and to not to make you feel insecure he is not sharing things with you. So the best solution to stop your negative imagination to bring your focus on the present. Ask him directly what is wrong. Face the situation rather than staying in insecure feeling.

  • Improve Your Self Image:

Most of the time the big mistake we do is we compare ourselves with others. You don’t feel your individuality and power within. You feel all are ahead of you and you are just staying far behind. You start to feel insecure and stuck. All you focus on others life. When all are showing thier highlight reel. Just STOP there. Turn the focus on you. Find out what you know and what you want. If you see there is gap between what you know and what you want then all you need to take preparation to get what you want. Focus on how you can be better not how bad you are at things. You are the one to change your situation and focusing on others will only killing your preparation time. The life competition is with yourself  to get better every day.


  • Take Action

To stay focused on what you want in life and kick out the insecurity all you need to do boost your self esteem. Leave the people who make you feel down and find better friends. Talk good, Listen good and See good. That is surround yourself with a positive environment. This may take time so make plan in written and take action accordingly. As soon as you feel your inner strength, insecurity starts to vanish away.

Raoman Smita

Environment Activist, Global Leader, Life Coach, Author and Advocate in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh